13 abril, 2012

Nueva crítica de nuestro disco «diez tragos» desde South Africa!!!

Estamos muy contentos por sus palabras!!!


The album cover is like a vagina beckoning my mind to enter. I do. I’m welcomed by a buddhist “Ummm”that’s followed by early beats and vocals that make the band live up to their BIG BANG name i.e. there’s more intention and experimentation onDiez Tragos than there was on their debut album, Sin Renuncia A La Esperanza.

The band hail from Spain, a country ravaged and beautified by it’s history. Diez Tragos is complex like that, a mixture of cultures and genres that, added together with more challenging instrumentation, brings it closer to prog with a Seventies vibe but with an occasional industrial lining [i’m not kidding]. The band’s claim that they self-recorded for creativity’s sake is well founded.

Even though i don’t understand what Manuel Rubiales is singing, his deliberate vocals keep the music grounded and atmospheric. Siscu Carrasco (drums), Rafa Caamaño (bass) and Francisco Rubiales (guitar) perform an equal part, a sinergy that makes the music a bigger whole.

My favourite track was ‘Ver Llorar Desiertos’ followed closely by opener ‘Due-o De Mis Sue-os’, the quick anger of ‘Sufrir’ and the slow tempo of ‘Crucificame’.

Diez Tragos should make the record labels wake up and sign BIG BANG.

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